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        3. Hear From Our Members

          Prrunthaa Santhirakumaran influencer

          Prrunthaa Santhirakumaran

          BEng Student, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University

          Alex Veinot

          Alex Veinot

          PhD Student, Chemistry, Queens University

          Oyejide damilola oyewunmi

          Oyejide Damilola Oyewunmi

          MASc Student, Chemical Engineering, Concordia University

          Morgan Lehtinen

          Morgan Lehtinen

          PhD Student, Chemistry, Queens University, CEO/Founder, Micellotech

          Nida Sajid

          Nida Sajid

          BEng Graduate, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University / Associate in Training, IPEX Group of Companies

          James Gauld

          Dr. James Gauld

          Associate Professor, Windsor University

          CIC NEWS

          Presented by the members of our Subject Divisions, these free seminar series unite people in the same specialty no matter where they are in Canada. Learn and grow with these series highlighting leaders in the field from across Canada and the world.

          Division Seminar Series Identifiers

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